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Digital Strategy 101 from Bud Caddell

Digital Strategy 101 by @bud_caddell is an overview of the current state of digital strategy and an exploration of core concepts, deliverables, and thought-leaders relevant to young practitioners.

An interesting presentation to say the least by Bud Caddell and the Bucket Brigade

This is a a lovely presentation about viral media. “It was prepared as a workshop and draws heavily on the writings of people like:FARIS YAKOB, BUD CADDELL, MIKE ARAUZ, HELGE TENNO, HENRY JENKINS & ANA DOMB, NOUVE INTERPLAY and others. It essentially makes a case for the adoption of the term “spreadable media” when referring to viral. To know why, you will have to read on”.

How do we design experiences around how humans perceive time? Read all about it in this very cool presentation by Bud Caddell