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After a lifetime of feeling fat, a young man realises that maybe his issues with his body aren’t actually about his body at all. This short, biographical mini-documentary is a tiny story about the big problem of not opening up, the pressure we put ourselves under, and learning to be kind to ourselves.

Directed/Animation/Sound by Dan Castro
Mastering by Kenny Young

Venice is flooded by the highest tide since 1960
Australia is under catastrophic bushfires
In California over 94000 acres have already burned
We are living the 6th mass extinction (remember dinosaurs?)
We ingest 5 gr of plastic every week
Trump confirms US will leave the Paris climate agreement
Jane Fonda got arrested 4 times in a row because of her activism



Design / Animation: Nerdo
Sound: Smider

For more then 20 years Charles Manson has refused to communicate to the outside world. Until now. These are actual never before heard phone conversations between Canadian best selling author Marlin Marynick and Charles Manson. By Leah Shore

What was the religious or spiritual background of your childhood? Whether she’s talking to an astrophysicist, theologian, neuroscientist or poet, On Being host Krista Tippett has often opened her interviews with this invitation. By Andrew Khosravani

After a heist that goes wrong, a frail robot who was the driver of a robot mafia ends up being in possession of some loot he shouldn’t have, a human heart. Tempted by the opportunity of being like his bosses, he grafts the heart to himself and discovers the feeling of being alive. But those brief instants of life have a price.

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