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The film was conceived loosely as a live action musical animation, reminiscent of the system used in music animation software such as Stephen Malinowski’s Music Animation Machine.

Domestic and pertinent objects, common in the still life genre, were sourced and used within a structure mostly defined by the music. By Optical Arts

Still Life is a celebration of the beauty of movement and human closeness at a time when the world stood still and we were forced to stay apart. By Serafima Serafimova

We rarely see portrayals of the diverse, ordinary lives of people who have Down syndrome (unless we are connected to someone who has it). Much of what we hear instead is based off a medical narrative. By Alex Widdowson

Based on the book SCENES by award-winning screenwriter Efthymis Filippou (DOGTOOTH, THE LOBSTER, THE KILLING OF SACRED DEER), ICEBERGS is an existential, dark comedy consisting of 14 short vignettes, ranging from the mundane to the absurd.

Directed by: Eirini Vianelli

A grandmother reads her grandchild a story called ‘The Gigantic Change’. The story of how, back in 2020, when the world was on the brink of collapse, humanity came together and worked harder than ever to save the environment. By Passion Animation Studios

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