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John Whitney, Sr. (April 8, 1917 – September 22, 1995) was an American animator, composer and inventor, widely considered to be one of the fathers of computer animation.

Marvin Gaye’s iconic album “What’s Going On” is presented as a visual album for its 50th anniversary. Song Title: “Flying High” Directed by: Tim Fox Illustrated by: Chaz Bottoms

The official music video for Pamphlets by Squid from their album “Bright Green Field”, released on Warp Records.

directed and designed by – Raman Djafari

Herbert arrives in the seaside city on a long working trip. Accidentally he falls in love with a very strange beautiful saleswoman in a flower shop. He suffers from insomnia, which he treats by watching billiards on TV. But now it doesn’t help anymore. His obsessive passion keeps him awake… By Leonid Shmelkov

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