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The lovely art of FANFICTION. Via viralabuse

Mayer & Leyva created an entire music video for the amazing     Glazin song by the Jacuzzi Boys, from singing vaginas! Yeap singing vaginas!! Certainly one of the most weird music videos you will ever ever see! You have been warned! View at your own risk 🙂
This is crazy good! The official video for Once Around The House by High Highs! Directed by Thomas Beug!

A few days old! Via Mashable

Via zenpencils
Cool Rainbows ‘Reality and A Clue’ from the album Whale Rocket. Directed by Andrew de Freitas via yvynyl’s MINI TRENDS from

In a world of global hyper-consumption and creative destruction, there are now more consumer trends than you can swing a stick at. Here’s just a small selection of ‘mini’ consumer and business trends that are currently on’ radar

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