She’s Got Me Dancing

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Tommy Sparks “She’s Got Me Dancing” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Tommy Sparks directed by Eric Wareheim! The result is just crazy and awesome!! You are so going to love this!

All I Need

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Radiohead “All I Need” animatic from MoreFrames on Vimeo.

Radiohead “All I Need” finished one minute from MoreFrames on Vimeo.

These are some animatic that Moreframes did for a competition hosted by Aniboom.comd ! The song you hear is “All I Need” by Radiohead and its one of my favourite songs . I think its just awesome!

The Dirty Cream

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Cool toy and character design by The Dirty Cream

Badder Romance

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Lady Gaga’s badder romance parody by BINKproductionz! For more Lady Gaga click here

‘Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man)’ medley a cappella tribute

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If you are a Star Wars freak as I am the

Death Metal Rooster

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hilarious!! :-)


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If you love digital art then you must definitely check Drfranken’s on-line portfolio

Racist KFC advertisement?

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“How do you survive a crowd of “awkward” black people? According to KFC’s latest advertisement a bucket of fried chicken will do the trick!!” People bad advertising is bad for everyone just say no to a stupid idea!! I wonder how KFC is going to respond on this one!


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The new music video from Animal Collective, directed by Jack Kubizne! Enjoy :-)

Brian McCarty

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Awesome toy photography by Brian McCarty!

Image of the day

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via ffffound


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IKAR from Mayki on Vimeo.

This is a mind blowing animation! “Inspired by mythical story about Ikar, it shows eternal desire to be free. But absolut freedom is not achievable..”! You should definitely watch this it is just incredible!

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