Alyssa Monks

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Awesome photo-realistic paintings from Alyssa Monks! Via unstage

Crater Face

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Crater Face from Skyler Page on Vimeo.

A wonderful, crazy awesome animation by Skyler Page! Do not judge this by its preview it is honestly incredible


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LookListenFeel from Broken Antler on Vimeo.

Awesome and very uplifting music video to Maple Mountain Sunburst’s ‘LookListenFeel’ featuring the fantastic voice of Isabella Rossellini! If you feel a bid down the drain make sure you see this it will so cheer you up :-) Created by Broken Antler and Ben the Illustrator Lovely stuff :-)

Image of the day

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via Peter Kay

People Too

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Awesome paper art from People Too online portfolio!  You must definitely check their work it is simply amazing!


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Pull from Eleanor Michalka on Vimeo.

Eleanor Michalka’s wonderful animation! Beautiful and truly spectacular make sure you see this


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Snake from Vladimir Pogrebnyakov on Vimeo.

This is so cool! If you ever had a nokia phone and you used to play madly snake on it you are so going to love this :-)


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Walker from Carl Krull on Vimeo.

An animated advert for traffic safety by Carl Krull! I don’t know if this get its point across but it sure looks very lovely!

Step Into Blue

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Bombay Sapphire “Step Into Blue” from Stardust Studios on Vimeo.

Eye candy work for Bombay Sapphire by Stardust Studios

Whistle Creek Survival Kit In A Sardine Can SURVKIT

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Lovely packaging design for a survival kit by Whistle Creek! It contains “Acetaminophen, adhesive bandage, alcohol prep, antibiotic ointment, book matches, tea bag, chewing gum, sugar, salt packet, energy nugget, duct tape, fire starter cube, wire clip, first aid instructions, fish hook and line, note paper, pencil, razor blade, safety pin, whistle, compass, reflective signal surface and waterproof bag”. You can buy it here


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An amazing video by Johannes Nyholm for an incredible song by the Little Dragon!Lovely stuff Enjoy :-) A big thanks to Angeliki for bringing this awesome little video and song to my attension

Natural World vs TV World

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

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