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I am thrilled to announce that The Curious Brain has made its way onto the list of 50 Best Advertising Blogs To Follow in 2023. This recognition highlights my dedication to fostering a culture of curiosity and pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking in the advertising world.

As The Curious Brain, I believe that a curious mind is the foundation of innovation and success. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, let’s embrace our natural curiosity and use it to drive our creative and professional growth.

The future is waiting, and The Curious Brain is leading the way. I only wish i had more time to blog. Love you all for keep sharing my content all these years

A story about an A.I. that wanted to be famous, also written and performed by an A.I. (paraphrased and edited with liberties from a human). Visualized by a human (me), flipping the norm of what we see in the AI-driven art world today. Special thanks to Amie Bennett for letting me bounce off all my ideas, Adam Kirschner for his nft bro performance, and Des Hume for his awesome music as well as featuring a track from the Midnight.

oh so this is why the rest of us are so poor!

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