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Carrie Dean’s brilliant rotoscoping university project! Inspired by the work of Jeff Scher! Great stuff

As you can see from above Drew Young has some serious talent! Go check his work here
Carlsberg stunts in Belgium with 148 bikers in a movie theatre.
Some innocent couples want to take their seat, but the room is filled with not-so- friendly gentlemen… How will they react?
Look at your cat. Now look at Puss In Boots. hahhaha perfect :-)

via wasted rita

The formation of a new social movement as it is still taking shape in real time. The video was shot during the 5th and 6th day of the occupation. This idea to occupy the financial district in New York City was inspired by recent uprisings in Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Tunisia! More info about this here

If you are into typography you will love this!Great work about movement of Hangeul by jjee