Sean DuFrene

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Great photography from Sean DuFrene! The images above belong to his series Jack and represent a caricature of his father

How To Be Popular

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The endless pursuit of popularity!! Hayley is the most popular girl at Eastmount Middle School. Everyone wants to be like Hayley. Even Hayley. Great stuff. Created by Kontent Films a few years back. More info about this here

A piece of Christmas

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A morbid xmas animation by HobbyAnimation! If you hate Santa and Christmas this is for you :-)

Misery Bear’s Christmas

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Misery Bear is busy getting ready for a merry Christmas and writing his letter to Santa…

United State of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom)

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DJ Earworm‘s annual mashup! Grab the mp3 from here .Enjoy :-)

Scary Christmas

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This one just cracked me up! Created by Federico Mauro

Vasilj Godzh

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The lovely art of Vasilj Godzh! Go get inspired here

Image of the day

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via Moustafa Khamis

Eclectro video yearmix 2011

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The best music videos of 2011 blended together in a one hour visual trip by Renier Mouthaan!

Please come home for Christmas

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1-10 Please Come Home For Christmas – Charles Brown by master_at_work

A very cool song from Charles Brown to get you in the xmas mood! Taken from a very fine Jazz playlist from the brandnewcolony! Enjoy :-)

You ll never make it till christmas!

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So give up now and enjoy yourselves :-) Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

Christmas Survival Kit

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Designed by Anneke Short as a christmas gift for her uncle! Way way cool

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