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Overhead shots of hands in the films of Wes Anderson. 46 shots in 40 seconds. Another awesome supercut by kogonada ( the guy behind the wonderful and also very stunning Breaking Bad Remix // POV Compilation)

Supercut of Movie characters flipping the bird, giving the finger, flipping someone off. Created by thetoaster2006 ! Via

Yet another eye candy animation by Kristian Andrews

Be careful of the sheep that seeks vengeance!!!! An animated short film by Nicole Gallagher, Marie M. T. Tørslev

Cool to know 🙂 via stuffnoonetoldme

STYGG directed by David Strindberg & Johan Bring of PUNX STHLM ! Crazy, wonderful and highly addictive! Epic noise

Real Estate play live “Green Aisles” at at The Studio at Webster Hall!! Way way cool! Enjoy 🙂