The Social Media Lifecycle: Where Is Your Brand?

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via Mr Litman

Night Heat

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Great vintage sounds by Selebrities! Directed by Jer Robert Paulin

The Science of Imaginary Solutions

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Autolux, directed by Thomas McMahan! Great stuff

Experience Freedom

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Soooo very brilliant! The Experience Freedom Journey will take you through the world of skydiving and Base Jumping in some of the most amazing and scenic locations in the world. More info here

Subway Sessions: Damian Kulash of OK Go

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Damian Kulash of OK Go performs “Last Leaf” for Subway Sessions at the 96th St 6 train. Perfect! More info about this here


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Created by Overture for Rayons!

99 Problems In Film (EM)

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Although not my cup of tea music wise..this is brilliant! Jay Z’s “99 Problems” recreated with film clips by Eclectic Method (EM)!! A big thanks to Theodore for sending this one over


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Enjoyed directed by Arthur Chance and Skander Allani! Very cool and interesting

Generation Y around the World

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The results of an InSites Consulting global youth study. Sharing insights about generation Y and their future, which world problems millennials would tackle first, their view on work and brand.


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WoW …I super love these paintings by Erin Cone! Via ignant

Lovers in a vacuum

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The work of Japanese photographer Hal, via designaside

The Social Media Lifecycle: Where Is Your Brand?

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via Mr Litman

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