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Yet another brilliant track by the wonderful Mint Julep! Enjoy :-)

The power of introverts

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In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.

Drive (The Cars Cover)

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Insanely good cover by the very awesome Boy Friend. A big thanks to @yvynyl for bringing this to my attention! You can listen the original here

Is it better to do the right thing and fail ..or is it better to do the wrong thing and succeed?

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

Ryan Mcginley

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Great photography (mostly nudes) to discover over at Ryan Mcginley on-line portfolio

Image of the day

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Just in the case that you cant read it ..its a quote from Vincent Van Gogh”How Difficult is to be Simple”. Created by Santiago Perdomo

Everything Is Gone

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A brilliant little track by POP ETC! A big thanks to @jimmy_morris for bringing this to my attention

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