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Sixteen knives and one meat cleaver brought to life to perform the Bee Gee’s hit Stayin’ Alive. A big thanks to Frea for bringing this to my attention

Interesting funny animations created by safetyhammer for the Australian sketch show The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting

Planningtorock – My Valuable Hunting Knife by DFA Records

Soooo good! A brilliant track by Planningtorock

Almost a year old, but it still looks and sounds very amazing, directed by Encyclopedia Pictura, for the Grizzly Bear

Mack the Knife (Mono Version) – Single – Bobby Darin

One of my favourites songs from The Knife!Video by Henry Moore Selder! Enjoy 🙂

This song and video by The Knife, definitely deserves more views so check it out! Directed by Andreas Nilsson and Andreas Korsár! Great stuff from a few years back