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This made me laugh “‘BUTTS’ is a profound 3D animated cartoon about anxiety, depression, and lending a hand to those in need. Perhaps the most important film of the decade, ‘BUTTS’ is a reminder that no matter how strange something may seem, people can still make a difference in their own unique and beautiful way.” -some super important idiot. Created by Tyler Hurd

Life is Beautiful

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Anton may be done with life, but life ain’t done with Anton! ‘Life is Beautiful’ is a 3D animation short by Ben Brand made with support of the dutch filmfund and the NTR.

Tiny Worlds

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Created by Rushes


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A short film by Tom Teller

Metal Bum

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A dystopian sci-fi short film with heart (and a little violence) about the turf warfare between an unemployed robot and a street musician. In response to its new competition, the robot must make a daunting decision.Created by Dan K

Paper Age

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The death of print by Ken Ottmann


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Terrifying :-) Created by Platige Image


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Very very fun to watch! Created by Jeff Le Bars


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An incredible piece of 3d animation by Cut And Cook Studio. Directed by Dan Charbit. Some 3D sequences in this film are featuring more than 30 000 000 polygons. Great stuff

Project M.I.C.K.

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A wonderful short film by Sandy Widyanata about boy and girl who play with a giant rusty robot.

Lego Millennium Falcon Stop Motion Assembly 3d

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3 years to make, modeling all the individual pieces and rendered frame by frame. Created by Francisco Prieto


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This is amazing! A fable about change. Starring Garren Stitt and directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada! What a wonderful piece of animation

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