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Run through the streets of #London and find a Gingerheaded Boy or Girl to Make out :-) via aalwayslookonthebrightsideoflife.

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the work of Bernhard Lang

Flowers Arranged and Photographed to Look Like Fireworks by Sarah Illenberger Via thisiscollosal

“Can’t believe we still have to come to work when it’s this cold.”

“Well, everyone is back in the office. Now what?”

“After counting the number of pitches won, campaigns released, and potential disasters avoided, we are ready to flip over the last page of the year.”

“Sometimes it takes a lot for ideas to be noticed.”

“Office holiday parties can be fun unless you happen to be an introvert.”

“Office fridge cleaning day.”

“Sometimes we wish the client can see what we see.”

The work of Derrick Lin via adweek