Corporate Covid-19 response videos are eerily similar. *Cue somber piano music* When a company or brand releases a Coronavirus Response ad, they might tell you that we’re living in “uncertain times”, but that “we’re here for you”. They may say their top priority is “people” and “families” by bringing their services to the “comfort and safety of your home”. And don’t forget: “we’re all in this together!

Dear brands tell your agencies that we do not need your idiotic messages… If “we are all in this together ” ….we need you to focus on mega price offs and promotional offers… especially if you are offering products in the super markets or in pharmacies!

It might come as a big surprise to you… but most of us living in this world are not celebrities or mega influencers with massive amounts
of money in the bank and with the global economy being so fucked up… most of us in the future will not have the same money as before to buy your freaking products!

So stop and think how you as brand/company can make this world a bit better and help us with meaningful efforts rather than spending your money in ads that nobody really gives a fuck about them! Just a thought!


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