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As he looks at a flower, Mika is reminded of his childhood, and feels a creature awaken inside his head: a giant stuck in apathy. Also coming awake is another creature, full of wonder: Kai. Trapped inside the giant, Kai discovers countless memory bubbles and starts collecting them. With their help, she guides the giant through releasing his emotions – and Mika through finally accepting the loss of his childhood friend.

An animation by GOBELINS pro. Directed by Sophie BAROCAS, Emilie DAMIENS, Dongsan KIM, Quỳnh-Phương NGUYỄN, Michelle ONG, Olga SERDYUKOVA, Jasmine VELJANOVSKI

New credits by Giant Ant. If you were sentient in the early 90s, you know the The Animaniacs was the best kids show around, and that Pinky and the Brain was the best part of it.

In 1968, a young flight attendant bought 900 lbs of marijuana in Jamaica and tried to smuggle it out. This leads to unexpected consequences. By Matthew Salton

In this small thriller about decision making and guilt, a young woman responsible for a car accident. She escapes the scene but can’t stop thinking, or imagining, what happened to the other driver. And soon strange things starts to happen… By Anna Mantzaris

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