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 “The Journey Of Being” was screened as part of “Immersive Art Festival”, at “Atelier des Lumieres” in Paris, France. Using 140 video projectors and a spatialised sound system, Atelier des Lumieres covers a total surface area of 3,300 m2. By void

OTHERWORLD VOL. 1 is an 8K HDR macro footage compilation of colors and fluids in motion. The visuals are made with different paints on canvas and filmed with an 8K RED DSMC2 camera and a macro lens.

n 2016 an exciting mission was ended. 
The Rosetta spacecraft made its final manouver. A controlled hard-landing on the comet Tschurjumow-Gerassimenko (67p).
Before that Rosetta accompanied the Comet for more then 2 years. It researched valuable scientific data, brought a lander on to the comets surface and took a vast number of pictures.

2017 Esa released over 400000 images from Rosettas comet mission. 
Based on these material Motion Designer Christian Stangl and Composer Wolfgang Stangl worked together to create this shortfilm.
The sequences are digitally enhanced real-footage from the probe.

Watch the beauty of an active alien body, far out in the dephts of our solar system. By Christian Stangl

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