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This is a music video created for the French band INDOCHINE by Patrick Boivin with the help of Sandrine Bulté, Olivier O.Oliver and Justin le Dubé de Fahmy.

Awesome!! Apparently  bounty hunter was only his part-time job 🙂

The evolution of dance by Optimus Prime…I love it how funny is that ?? Via Patrick Boivin ,to see more robots in disguise read the rest of the entry below (more…)
Running iPod / iPhone OS on Mac Pro + 24" multitouch screen! As one youtuber comments “What am I looking at exactly? Is this for real? It’s awesome none the less”
Seamless Experience at the Asus Booth @ Computex 2009! How cool is that? I have 2 questions: How much this will cost us and what it will happen when you spill that coffee on this table ???Anyone??
A mashup of the old animated Star Trek series and William Shatner’s cover of Pulp’s “Common People”! Its nerdgasmic… A big thanks to Stella that brought it to my attention…what a great find 🙂
It will help you keep your dignity…..HAHAHA, can’t help but laugh.

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