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Today the internet seems to be full of 8bit illustrations! Andy Rash has created these extremely low resolution portraits of characters from Breaking Bad, Star wars,Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and even one of Jesus and the Apostles and House M. D.! Go get inspired here

Tiny 8bit bitizens from Star wars , Batman & Superman , Judge Dredd, Wonderwoman Bitizen and Watchmen!! Great stuff!! Via irishtu
Lovely 8bit music video for the song READY 2 GO by Martin Solveig feat Kele! Directed by : Loïs de Cornulier ( & Benjamin Guillaume

DOT MATRIX REVOLUTION from superbrothers on Vimeo.

Another awesome 8bit animation ( lately I seem to post just them )! This one is about the development of information technolgy and the internet from 1951 up to the present day ! Very cool

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