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The title gives everything away! A very cool time-lapse about Manhattan by Mindrelic

What a spectacle!! An awesome audiovisual installation at Park Avenue Armory, New York. Video by watz. More info about this here! Below a timelapse of the whole installation!

Im important screamed the dust spec 🙂 A lovely time-lapse by Niko Bustos! This so deserves vimeo quality

Terje Sorgjerd spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years. The result is this stunning timelapse!

A stunning, spectacular time-lapse by Rafael Asquith, narrated with the famous broadcast by Orson Welles!
More info about “The War of the Worlds” here

LT24 is an experimental movie directed by Lucio Arese with Ametsub soundtrack, bringing an original technique that links images and music together through simulated timelapse.The film depicts a 24 hours day (from 0 AM to 0 AM) compressed into 2 minutes 24 seconds (600x) where a group of construction workers builds a steel structure placed into a square arena. More info about this here

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