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The film records the growth of four types of molds used for food fermentation, namely Rhizopus, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus oryzae and Penicillium. Captured by time-lapse supermacro photography, the growth of these molds is magical and charming, revealing a mysterious and gorgeous tiny world. From Beauty of Science

The video, by a succession of timelapse, shows flowers at different moments of their life. They germinate, hatch and eventually wither.
By highlighting these three stages specific to the evolution of each living being, the video “Circle of life” is an analogy of passing time. By Emilie Grange

This video is made entirely from photographs and video footage.
Various techniques in time-lapse photography and long exposure photography are incorporated with real time footage.The variety of images were later digitally manipulated and stacked in a 3d environment. Created by Kevin McGloughlin

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