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Urbanity at its best! Created by Falko Ttilgner and Patrick Paulin

A video that tells you all you need to do to make your brand go viral. Created by TheViralCollection to promote themselves

New interactive video by the awesome OK Go!! You need to have chrome to enjoy this fully ( yet another chrome experiment) ! Check it out here A big thanks to Scott for sending this one over

This is soooo good! Brianne Bowers illustrated take on the famous Dylan song. Enjoy. =)

Yet another incredible video by Alex Itin!Drawn on the pages of Ulysees, with James Joyce reading from from Finnegans Wake! Superb just that!

Silvino González Morales wonderful experiments with anthotype!An Anthotype is an image created using photosensitive material from plants! This process was originally invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842. An emulsion is made from crushed flower petals or any other light-sensitive plant, fruit or vegetable. A coated sheet of paper is then dried, exposed to direct full sun-light until the image is bleached out! Go get inspired here

+ high-res version

Rules of Engagement | Old Spice Mano a Mano