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Superb! Created by Already Alive with footage from vimeo filmmakers around the globe

Brand new from the CHROMATICS! Enjoy 🙂 A big thanks to @Jamesnee for dropping this one over!

Created by a Japanese creative lab called PARTY. Via buzzfeed Well done Japan 🙂

An incredible piece of 3d animation by Cut And Cook Studio. Directed by Dan Charbit. Some 3D sequences in this film are featuring more than 30 000 000 polygons. Great stuff

A behind-the-scenes look at Behance’s unique approach to curation.Behance co-founders Scott Belsky and Matias Corea and Chief Curator Oscar Ramos Orozco share Behance’s approach to evolving curation through technology and the human touch.
To curate in the digital age, we must tap into a new equation: the power of the community + the power of technology + the power of human insight.