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One of the paradoxes of trying to understand our minds is that, at particular moments, we need to acknowledge that what passes through them may have very little to do with the workings of these minds themselves but rather our bodies.

How do we define worth in society, and who gets status? Sociologist Michele Lamont studies these questions and investigates ways to broaden the circle of recognition and fight the harm of social stigmatization. She lays out the steps needed to make more inclusive societies — and it all starts by expanding our idea of who matters.

Nearly all of us wish to be known as ‘nice’ people. Yet our happiness may depend on a willingness to be — at points — strategically selfish.

Nowadays, in our more difficult moments, many of us turn to social media for reassurance. Unfortunately, we’re more likely to encourage further self-hatred.

A surprising amount of suffering is inflicted upon us by those who ostensibly love us. An explanation can be found by understanding the psychology of cruelty.

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