A brilliant piece of animation that urgently needs a translation directed by Juan Delcan. It was commissioned by The Chilenian TV Network Chilevision. It won the1st Prize Asifa 2011.



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  1. Mex #
    November 29, 2011


    Truth is, there are as many truths as people in the world.
    Truth for a child is what adults tell them.
    Truth for a young is what its heart tolds him.
    Truth for a musician is in its songs.
    And truth for a politician varies according to polls.
    Truth for a wife takes 9 months.
    Truth for a victim is that he suffers more than anyone.
    Truth for a crook is that the suitcase is useful.
    Truth for a sceptical, it is difficult to believe.
    Truth for a psychologist is that we are all mad.
    Truth for a naive is everywhere.
    Truth for a dictator is its own truth.
    And truth for the poor is that they can’t afford bread.
    Truth for my father was that everything was a lie.
    Truth for a barrister, he’ll got to prove it.
    Truth for an egoist is that nothing is given.
    Truth for a surfer is that only the sea matters.
    Truth for a honest person is to tell always the truth.
    Truth for the old is that little time remains.
    And truth for a scientist is that truth is relative.
    Truth for a dream is to become reality.
    And truth for the others is that they deserve to see, because « verdad » (=truth) starts with « ver » (=see)

    • thebrainbehind #
      November 29, 2011

      thanks mex 🙂

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