Poor Pussy

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hahahha :-) 1956 school text  on how to play poor pussy via steve niles


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  2. Haha. Graphic artists. Perverting pure things since 1956!

    But in all seriousness…I’d love to get hold of that textbook, to have some games for kids to play that don’t involve an LED screen or the internet. Do you have the title? Is there an ISBN or LCCN?

    Comment by Phillip Gain — September 11, 2013 @ 16:38
  3. No I dont know the original book Im afraid

    Comment by thebrainbehind — September 11, 2013 @ 16:46
  4. I do, It’s called School, Church and Home Games by Charles Draper, originally written in the 20s. http://www.amazon.com/School-Church-Games-George-Draper/dp/1406826065

    However, I cannot find that illustrated 1956 version ANYWHERE.

    Comment by Angela — September 12, 2013 @ 19:38

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