word on the street

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Modern Zombie.

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Legend of the Flying Tomato

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Once a victim of bullying, Frida finds a hero in the legendary luchador El Pirana. However she finds herself at her lowest once more when she’s ridiculed during the biggest wrestling match of her life. Through an unexpected meeting with a mysterious taco salesman, Frida learns that she must find strength in herself to overcome her demons.Created by Michael Yates, Aurry Tan and Sharon Huang


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Johan Rodrigues. Directed and animated by Elisa Morais and María Álvarez, Sois de Traca.

14 little things

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A short animation by Fisheaddd

I want to believe

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Citizen Evidence Lab: How To Authenticate YouTube Videos

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During crises or disasters, YouTube is widely used to share footage—including a host of videos that are old or, in some cases, staged or faked. An enormous challenge for human rights workers, journalists or first responders alike is to separate fact from fiction. Now, there’s a website that can help with this.

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The Citizen Evidence Lab by Amnesty International (http://citizenevidence.org/) is the first dedicated verification resource for human rights workers, providing tools for speedy checks on YouTube videos as well as for more advanced assessment. Video produced by Gaby Sferra

Planning etc

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from the always very interesting russell davies @undermanager

How happy are designers?

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Like That

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Very addictive from White Fence

Image of the day

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everything is broken

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