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via love will tears us apart

Girl, You’re So Weird NSFW

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The Flaming Lips and New Fumes team up for the Heady Fwends Record Store Day release! Pls note that this video contains nudity so viewers discretion is advised. Video by Delo Creative


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Fairchild Republic directed by Turk Lees! Enjoy :-)


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A brilliant lifelike animated film made frame by frame. . Directed by Jonatan Schwenk! See the making of video here

The Colors in Film

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The latest instalment of Evan Seitz’s animations that quiz your movie knowledge. How many titles can you name?


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Yet another brilliant supercut by the eclectic method

The Problem with Facebook

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via thiisnthappiness

Image of the day

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via love will tears us apart

If Darth Vader had been a good father…

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Via 9gag A big thanks to Dimitri for bringing this to my attention. More star wars here

sounds looks feels

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LGBT Youthline  went to   MELDMEDIA INC with an incredible ask: to help visualize in an empathetic way how homophobia and transphobia hurt everyone. There is a heartbreaking story behind the creation of this video which can be found here. Directed by Meld


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I think Prince Innocence is becoming one of my favourites bands! Yet another amazing song by them! Enjoy :-)

Akihiko Miyoshi

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Abstract photographs from Akihiko Miyoshi’s on-line portfolio

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