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sounds September 11, 2015

Random Name Generator

Random Name Generator – Wilco (Live on KEXP)…

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videos March 24, 2015


“Go straight off the wall” said his dad and Dominic does just that. The film follows Dominic Wilcox, an artist / inventor / designer, on his quest for new ideas….Transforming the mundane and ordinary into something surprising, wondrous and strangely thought provoking. Directed by Liam Saint-Pierre…

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sounds January 27, 2012

I Might

Another great song by Wilco. Perfect for Fridays 🙂 The video is teaser listen the full song from the soundcloud…

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sounds January 26, 2012

The first hand-drawn Popeye cartoon in over thirty years

and it is featured on “Dawned On Me” from Wilco’s Grammy-nominated new record The Whole Love! Directed by Darren Romanelli. Via buzzfeed…

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sounds February 28, 2010

What light

Wilco – What light from Juan Gama de Cossío on Vimeo. An amazing song by Wilco! The music video you see was directed by Juan Gama d.C! Enjoy 🙂…

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