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A wonderful song by the awesome Arms and Sleepers , from a few years back, taken from the album “Matador”! The mesmerising video you see was directed by David Altobelli

Are you a little dead inside? Well sure you are. You work a 9-5 job and hate your boss and just wait for the sweet release of the weekend. But during the week when you’re feeling the dread of everyday, take a picture of your dead expression and send it to this awesome photo blog 🙂

Andy Ellis is an award winning freelance artist working in the fields of illustration and photography based in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Go get inspired here

Amanda Elizabeth Joseph is a second year painting MFA candidate at the University of Notre Dame! As you can see from above she is very talented! Go get inspired here
Diana Lange made this awesome 360° version of U2 wonderful song Numb ! Maybe they should make it official 🙂

Free is from Thievery Corporation’s new album ‘Culture of Fear’! The lovely video you see was created by Astrid Riecken ! Great stuff

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