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According to next-audience The curious brain made the list! Just a big thank you ! I love your description!

The rest according to the same list are Moz,HubSpot Marketing Blog, Ads Of The World, Joe La Pompe,AdWeek, AgencySpy, AdFreak, Mashable, Hootsuite, AdAge, Outfunnel, MarketingProfs, Video Ad News, Olshan The Ad Contrarian, and many many more. Go check them out!


Now you know! Apparently the Monarchy are not only racist but also thieves ….socking revelation! British public WAKE UP! I wonder if the Greek goverment can’t use the internet to spread the truth….or they just use their money to micromanage or maybe to steal them…or most probably because they do not have any money left …I’m just saying!

Wishful thinking! Which Movie Star would you like to be eaten by? A meteor strikes Hollywood! All the actors and actresses are contaminated and become… Zombies! By Fabrice Mathieu!

Tell me why I should work with you!