Ikea researched people’s morning routines around the world and made a mirror money well spend?

The ad industry is facing its Kodak moment, says David Jones the end is near?

What the Changing Role of Social-Media Influence Means for Brands


Why Branded Content Is Poised to Take Over

Mad men, meet the algorithm: the art and science of modern marketing

Copyranter: Digital is destroying all creativity

Emerging Tech like TV White Space Poised to Create Billion-Dollar Markets

How brands can keep up with women’s changing priorities

The Only 6 Content Marketing Tips You Need for 2015

The future of drugs: building a super-smart society

You’ll Be Able to Get Drunk on Powdered Alcohol Soon

Instagram Now Getting More Brand Posts Than Facebook

Millennials are scared of the internet

The Apple watch is out

Various articles and stories that got my attention this week

Chaos, panic, and disorder.. in the business world was originally published on The Curious Brain


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