Video yearmix 2010 from Renier Eclectro on Vimeo.

A selection of the best music videos of 2010 according to Renier Mouthaan and An interesting selection to say the least! For the  tracklist read the rest of the entry below!

1. Trentemøller – Even though you’re with another girl (Director: Adam Hashemi)​14313322
2. Nosaj Thing – Coat Of Arms (Director: Roland von Tessin)​14130026
3. Massive Attack – Splitting The Atom (Director: Edouard Salier)​9175212
4. Babe Rainbow – Shaved (Director: Salazar)​9198815
5. Jamie Woon – Night Air (Director: Lorenzo Fonda)​EL0pTo9Z_XU?hd=1
6. Black To Comm – Amateur (Director: Alvaro Posadas)​9659826
7. Ólafur Arnalds – Haegt Kemur Ljosio (Director: Esteban Diácono)​QY4NZuOFebU?hd=1
8. Toro Y Moi – Talamak (Director: Claude Lelouch)​7466235
9. Tame Impala – Solitude Is Bliss (Director: MEGAFORCE)​11470077
10. Blackbird Blackbird – Pure (Director: Samuel Pressman)​15091837
11. Poom – Rollercoaster (Director: Côme de Bouchony)​9109284
12. Audio Bullys – Only Man (Director: Jonas & Francois)​9yD0KEi554c?hd=1
13. Architeq – Into The Cosmos (Director: Chopsy)​15925400
14. Andreya Triana – A Town Called Obsolete (Director: Mister McCarthy)​12422285
15. Papercutz – Lylac (Helios Remix) (Director: Daihei Shibata)​11685192
16. UNKLE – The Answer (Director: Ross Cairns)​14073645
17. Boom Bip – Last walk around mirror lake (BoC remix) (Director: FroschYankee)​11147001
18. Eskmo – Cloudlight (Director: Dugan O’Neal)​13968991
19. Applescal – Roofs Of Heaven (Director: Rick Robin)​9118988
20. Skyence – INSCT (Director: Johannes Timpernagel)​16219591
21. Polar Bear – A new morning will come (Director: Kira Zhigalina)​9464023
22. Clutchy Hopkins – Verbal Headlock (Director: Christian Borstlap)​10875088
23. Tim Knol – When I Am King (Director: Sverre Fredriksen)​11862156
24. Darwin Deez – Constellations (Director: Terri Timely)​14954762
25. Renaud Hallée – Sonar (Director: Renaud Hallée)​5324878
26. Four Tet – Circling (Director: Jesse Zanzinger)​16980912
27. Jimmy Edgar – New Touch (Director: Lucio Arese)​3422044
28. Nobody Beats The Drum – Grindin’ (Director: Rogier van der Zwaag)​9625370
29. DJ Mehdi – Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit) (Director: Romain Gavras)​9357434
30. Grum – Throug The Night (Director: The General Assembly)​13695708
31. Breakbot – Baby I’m yours (Director: Irina Dakeva)​12428605
32. Maximum Balloon ft. Theophilus London – Groove Me (Director: Carlos Lopez Estrada)​15081749
33. Noisia & Mayhem feat. KRS One – Exodus (Director: Alexander Lehmann)​11735451
34. Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit (Director: Lilfuchs)​sn_Yt
35. Eskmo – We Got More (Director: Cyriak)​5WaoImXPMtE?hd=1
36. Teebs – Track 11 (Director: Frederic Henriques and Jean Brice Hubert)​16939510

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