Direct Relief is working to distribute oxygen concentrators and other medical supplies across India. You can donate here.

Oxygen for India, organized by the international Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, is setting up help desks at various hospitals to ensure that people get access to oxygen cylinders and concentrators for free. You can donate here.

Project HOPE is a global aid organization that is distributing medical supplies in India and educating communities on how to stop COVID-19 from spreading. You can donate here.

Association for India’s Development is a grassroots organization that promotes sustainable development. Its work currently involves donating PPE (including surgical masks and face shields) and oxygen supplies to hospitals. You can donate here.

The American India Foundation is providing medical supplies, supplying PPE to frontline workers and educating communities about the pandemic. You can donate here.

The Indian Red Cross Society, India’s chapter of the international voluntary humanitarian organization, is providing medical resources — including oxygen concentrators, ventilators and bedside monitors — to hospitals around India, and helping to administer vaccines. You can donate here.

Organizations that serve India’s marginalized communities

  • GoFundMe has provided a list of verified campaigns that seek to provide individual and community support, as well as address India’s shortage of oxygen for COVID-19 patients.
  • Indian Muslim Relief & Charities is a nonprofit that focuses on India’s Muslim community. It is distributing food packages, providing home medical kits, and donating money to school teachers while schools are shut down, among other things. Donate here.
  • Khalsa Aid is a Sikh humanitarian organization providing support for medical programs in vulnerable communities, including procuring hundreds of oxygen concentrators. You can donate here.
  • The Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust is raising funds to financially support transgender Indians, who are often rejected by their families and experiencing homelessness, a risk factor for COVID. You can donate here.
  • Care India, a humanitarian organization that focuses on helping marginalized women and girls, is providing PPE to frontline workers. You can donate here.
  • Make A Difference is an international nonprofit that supports children in need of care and protection. Donations will help children in 65 shelters across 23 cities. Donate here.

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