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The war on drugs in USA becomes a war on black communities. This epic documentary has everything! Political theater, dirty cops, crack babies, fake news, CIA being involved and many, many, victims mainly African Americans. You should definitely check it out!! Stream away!

It has a lovely animation style if you are into that , while at some point Mr Puddicombe. states ‘Meditation is universal and it’s timeless. It’s been around for several millennia, and during that time, it’s helped many communities cope with many difficult things”.

After the year we all had … maybe you should just stream away! What do you have to lose ? Most of us are still in lockdown what else there is to do? Go for it!

It is very socking and very disturbing to watch but also very addictive! If you want to know how corrupted justice in US and probably around our world can be when money and politicians are involved go for it! The story revolves mainly around the victims and the trauma that Epstein caused through his abuse! Created by Lisa Bryant, Academy Award Nominee Joe Berlinger (Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes), and Best-Selling Author James Patterson!

A space-caster explores existential questions about life, death and everything in between. I think it is brilliant… soooo stream away! Well done Netflix

If you want to know how corrupted companies, CEOs, prime ministers/ governments, financial institution / banks and humans really are you should definitely watch it! It is full of scandal, financial malfeasance, and corruption! I love everything about it and by the end of it will secretly wish for all of them to just catch the coronavirus and simply die! Fingers crossed!

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