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If you want to know how disgusting and evil humans can really be you should definitely watch it! It is a very disturbing case of child abuse that proves that not all of us are fit to have a child or to be honest to have a life in this world! Everyone needs to see this!! Just a big warning it is very….very…socking! It makes you wonder if we are all doing enough, as a society, as human beings, to protect kids and everything else that is sensitive in our world!! Honestly what a horrifying species we are!

I loved its superficial new age craziness! Who knew that Gwyneth Paltrow is just another curious brain lol 🙂 Stream away but take everything into consideration with a pinch of salt!

To be honest up until now I was not into her music at all! But if you decide to stream this … will fall in love with her and her lyrics ! She is almost there….she needs to kill her EGO just a little bit more! I wonder if she will make it! I can’t wait to see how will emerge and transform in her 40s! Soooo stream away and see where this will take you!

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