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For Every $3 Spent on Digital Ads, Fraud Takes $1

Now Apple is warning people about clicking ads

That will work mainly because your content and articles online are so unique 😛 City AM becomes first UK publisher to ban ad blockers

Sky attacks YouTube over fake views

The end is near YouTube is rolling out a subscription service that will allow subscribers to watch ad-free videos.

Children who spend more time on social media suffering from mental health problems, according to national figures

Facebook to start issuing warnings of nation-state hacks to users accounts

Tokyo 2020 launches open competition to design new logo after plagiarism debacle

Survey Finds Teens Prefer Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat for Social Networks

Can you read Emojis? – a look at the fastest growing language that isn’t going away

Even Instagram has gone crazy for GIFs.

Instagram and Pinterest Dominate Mobile Traffic

Second Screen to TV: Can Facebook Catch Twitter? (Infographic)

Facebook will now use your public posts to make its search more like Twitter

Giphy launches its own super-easy, do-it-yourself GIF creator

China-Brazil link is top threat to global economy

How to unify disparate agencies behind marketing campaigns

In the future you will have to pay me 1000$ per month if you want to read my content haha 😛 I’m putting up a wall!!!  Martin Sorrell on newspaper digital ad slowdown: ‘paywalls are the way to go’. This industry needs to change so much and fast… Read all about it here

Its the economy stupid Advertising company Publicis Groupe said a ‘surprising’ number of clients have been canceling ad campaigns — now its stock is tumbling

Climate Change Could Hurt Global Economy: Study Finds Link Between Global Warming And Productivity

Some news that got my attention this week

Facebook begins testing its most comprehensive mobile ads to date

Expect spam everywhere! BuzzFeed in first global advertising deal with Martin Sorrell’s WPP

Could Apple’s move into content creation devastate Netflix and Amazon?

I work in advertising, but I still block ads

Why brands need to get curious and ditch the LGBT sterotypes

Twitter extends its self-service ads to over 200 regions

Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo debacle: How hard is it to design anything original?

Ad blocking could spell the end of the intrusive ad

The end is near! Google bans Flash ads from autoplaying starting Sept. 1

Inside the elusive agency innovation lab: Embracing maker culture with prototypes and 3D printing

LinkedIn caves into pressure to let users include emoji and gifs

This Amazing Listerine App Lets Blind People ‘Feel’ a Smile

The Purchasing Habits of the Wealthy and the Very Wealthy A look at luxurious lifestyle choices

Ad Spending on the Mobile Web Doubled Last Year

The Future of Shopping is Mobile

Spoontember’ is here

What graphic designers think about the Google logo

Most millennials don’t identify as millennials

Europe’s asylum system is reaching its breaking point

How cats see the world

Back to business 🙁 Oh boy I sure miss summer already! Some news that got my attention this week!

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