Paper USB Tape

all other stuff,packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 18:43

Very cool concept by Zim And Zou

Burnout Bandage

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 09:38

“Work is a necessary evil for most of us, and even those with an acutal work ethic frequently suffer burnout! Knockknock Workday Recovery Kit. Includes a remedy booklet, a bracelet, affirmation cards, bandages, metal charm and certificate of recovery.” Via the dieline

Ping Energy Drink

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 10:52

Cool packaging design concept for an energy drink by a student Anne Dahlin that depicts how it is possible to layout all ingredients and % amounts in the form of a speedometer! Via packaging of the world

Scent Stories

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 14:54

Cool perfume packaging design concept by Ah&Oh Design Studio, Poland. Via packaging of theworld

New York City Garbage!

all other stuff,packaging design,trends — thebrainbehind @ 11:26

People actually buy these cubes and they are paying for the Garbage of New York City $50! What an interesting way to make money out of people :-) Crazy tourists will buy everything if the price is right! Maybe I should start a franchise Athens City Garbage ..Athens is full of it :-) You can buy the garbage from here

Loose-Leaf Tea

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 09:56

This retro style packaging is for loose-leaf tea was designed by Amy Jones, a student at the University of Northampton. Way cool! Via packaging of the world

Dom Pérignon Andy Warhol tribute

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 12:53

Dom Pérignon pays tribute to Andy Warhol, with the creation of three bottles by the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art & Design! Via the dieline


packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 19:34

Inspired by the checkered tablecloths of traditional Italian cuisine this is the lovely work of student Diego Aguilar !! Great stuff ! Via the packaging of the world

Milk Soap

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 13:31

TO-GENKYO explores an easy way of cutting down the time and money spend on producing soaps. What a clever packaging design concept! Via the packaging of the world


packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 16:58

Cute packaging design for Pandaro snacks by Prompt Design ! Via packaging of the world

Francis Coppola Reserve

packaging design — thebrainbehind @ 22:05

Beautiful packaging design for Francis Ford Coppola Wine by Dean Tavoularis! Via serious about wine

Sod T Shirt Packaging

packaging design,trends — thebrainbehind @ 10:24

Lovely t- shirt  and packaging design by Prompt Design! Via design milk

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