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“In a world where time travel is a simple hospital procedure, a man jumps back in time to force his 10 year old self to learn guitar, so that he can get more action with the ladies in the present day.” Directed by Lucas Testro via shortoftheweek

In “A Room Listening to Itself” In this work, sound is produced through a “making audible” of the physical relationships between microphones, reclaimed speaker cones, and the gallery’s surrounding acoustic environment. Using the aural phenomena of tuned microphone feedback alongside recursive amplification networks, the gallery space is turned into a giant resonator that amplifies both acoustic activity and inactivity as a product of spatial relationships. Custom-built computer software constantly re- calibrates the room to ever-changing acoustic situations, aiming for a sonic equilibrium that remains out of reach. From Adam Basanta

The Wild’ featuring Noah Beschen is the 2015 REDirect Surf Film Festival Grand Prize Winner.
Presented by RED Digital Cinema & Surfer Mag.

The biggest ego in film directing tells us his story of a lifetime in the movie business with clips from some of his films, archive interviews and exclusive behind the scenes footage.
Lets meet the man, the legend that is ‘Mr Director’. From Andy Martin