Pablo’s Villa

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In 1985, Pablo Novak watched as the picturesque holiday town of Villa Epecuén was submerged. Everybody abandoned the town, except for Pablo. Now, over 23 years later, this modern day Atlantis has finally re-emerged , and what remains of it has become Pablo’s home, and a place for his memories. Directed by Matthew Salleh & Rose Tucker


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Despite blindness, multiple sclerosis, and lung cancer, photographer Flo Fox continues to shoot the streets of New York City. No longer able to hold a camera, she instructs her aides to take photos for her. She’s an incredible woman with a feisty spirit, sharp wit, and dirty sense of humor. Created by Riley Hooper

Wes Anderson // Centered

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The latest from kogonada. A big thanks to Roy for dropping this one

Six Pacmen

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“Six Pacmen” is a work of art made by utilizing Pacman, the video game which was released in 1980, and Six Pianos of Steve Reich, which was composed in 1973. Performers need to collect items provided, by steering each given packman. One level is complete once 6 performers collect all the items, thereby going to the next measure of the piece. In some levels (or measures) appears a ghost that disturbs the performer. Performers can finish the game by playing all measures.

Walking Contest

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Directed, Shot & Edited by Vania Heymann

Moments in Between

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Moments in time is a visual diary of the time spent in Kyoto and Osaka. The process of slowing down and focusing on the details of everyday life is a therapeutic process that leads us to an epiphany:”The moments in between, is where life takes place.” Created by This Is Grain


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A supercut of empty shots. A New York without people.Scenes from “Seinfeld” (1989-1998) where nothing happens.Created by LJ Frezza

Eyebombing in Madrid

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random acts of creativity by Nuria Pérez Paredes


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the life and emotions of a child going through the foster care system. Created by HESCHLE

An Awesome Book of Love

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Yael Staav’s poignant and emotional interpretation of Dallas Clayton’s celebrated storybook, An Awesome Book of Love, shows us that love is truly humanity’s greatest gift.


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Bachelor film project from The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark.

A Kid’s Guide to How the Internet Ads Work

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Wonderful! A collaborative project with animator Will Samuel for the Internet Advertising Bureau via swiss miss

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