Sue Flask

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Sue Flask is working as an Art Teacher in State Schools. She specializes in portraits being in oil, charcoal, pencil or gouache! Her work is very interesting so you should definitely pay her a visit! Go get inspired here

The Truth About Sitting Down: Sitting Down Is Killing You

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Now you better stop reading this and get up via buzzfeed and lenkendall

Image of the day

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via Eric Robinson

We ‘re social beings with social needs

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know

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Jamie Wieck over at his blog has compiled an interesting list of 50 things that he believes every graphic design student should know on leaving college.

1. You are not the first.

There are very few ‘firsts’ these days. Countless others have started studios, freelanced and requested internships. It can be done. #the50

Some of these points are obvious, others less so its definitely worth a look though so click here

Should You Give Up Your Dream of Being an Astronaut?

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Via good

David Creighton-Pester

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David Creighton-Pester’s in his “The WanderingBert Batman Villain Project” draws as many batman villains as possible. Even the obscure and mostly unknown ones. And even the dumb ones that may look interesting but suck as actual villains. Even them. You should definitely check them all out! So go get inspired here

Tang Yau Hoong

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Selected illustrations employing negative space by Tang Yau Hoong!Go get inspired here

Image of the day

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via cloudfront

Can you skip class today?

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I think someone should make one for work too :-) via  college humor &

How to create a sh+tyy brand

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A big thanks to David Brier for bringing this to my attention

yacine m’seffar

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Great photography to discover over at Yacine M’seffar’s online portfolio! Go get inspired here

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