Cloud Man

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Grieves & Budo “Cloud Man” Music Video from Jesse Brown on Vimeo.

Lovely music video and song  from  Grieves & Budo directed by Jesse Brown & Christian Hansen! Enjoy :-)

Raul Gomez

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Raul Gomez does fantastic illustrations! Go get inspired here , via vectroave

Coca-Cola everyone starts somewhere

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Coca-Cola short film competition from Aaron Covich on Vimeo.

A cute commercial for Coke shot and edited by Aaron Covich and directed by Colby Hanik for the competition Fresh Filmmaker Series! Although the advert didn’t win the competition  I think its quite cool !!

Fear of Heights Visual Effects Breakdown

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Fear of Heights Visual Effects Breakdown from Har Zakeriah on Vimeo.

Cool breakdown of visual effects by Har Zakeriah for his video Fear of Heights! Way cool I wish I knew how to do that :-(

Disk-it Sticky Notes

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Awesome new design for sticky notes that look like floppy disks by Burak Kaynak!! Via design milk

Image of the day

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Via I can read


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RUBBER TEASER 1 ! from oizo mr on Vimeo.

An amazing teaser for Mr Oizo’s new feature film! I cant wait how the final film will end be!

A perfect day

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

Sky: Jack, The Godfather, Rocky

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Cool new work by Giovanni+Draftfcb, Brazil for Sky ““There is more to watch in HDTV. SKY” via I believe in advertising

The 3D Chamber

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The 3D Chamber from The Rainbowmonkey on Vimeo.

This is an incredible attempt in anaglyph 3D shooting! Now that 3d tv sets are emerging I wonder if advertising will follow this trend too!! It would be quite interesting to say the least! Pls note that you should get your 3D-glasses on for full experience.

Stay Close

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Delorean – Stay Close (HD) from Weird Days on Vimeo.

Cool new song and stunning video by Delorean directed by Weird Days!

The Greatest

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Cat Power: The Greatest from Adam Hall on Vimeo.

This dates back to 2006 the lovely Cat Power, directed by Adam Hall ! Humble and touching at the same time! Just beautiful!

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