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To The Beat from Desolat MG on Vimeo.

An Audiovisual Animation About The Making Of A Record by Roman Tönjes & Lukas Loss

Low flying (New version) HD from FPV-Håkon on Vimeo.

Press the full screen button and enjoy this wonderful little video by FPV-Håkon! Music is by Röyksopp – Poor Leno! Lovely footage

The Arctic Circle from Kevin Parry on Vimeo.

A wonderful little animation by Kevin Parry about an arctic inhabitant that is fascinated by the sudden appearance of a mysterious box. Great stuff

I AM PLAYR is the first game to let you experience the life of a footballer, through the eyes of a footballer. Played on its own dedicated website and across social networks, it mixes up first person perspective gameplay, interactive video and storytelling through different media to create a unique game experience. Gaming is becoming even more social!! A big thanks to Alex for bringing this to my attention!

Celebrity Zombies is the latest painting project by Mike Esparza! Way cool! Go check the rest o here ! Via joesdaily

via Kevin van Schie

As you can see from above very very interesting photography to discover over at Ted Sabarese’s online portfolio! ! You must definitely pay him a visit !