Summer Music

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Song by the Advance Base (Owen Ashworth, formerly of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone).Music Video directed by Philip Hodges.


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LORN directed by CRCR! I dont know about the song but the animation is really something

What if??

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Food for thought via 4rtf4rt

Image of the day

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via deathcomesupon

It’s The Economy, Stupid

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via quoteskin

Goal Celebrations FX

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It’s The Economy, Stupid

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via quoteskin

Goal Celebrations FX

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Royal Issues

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Very cool self promo by the NOMINT. See how the Kate deals with the Queen Mother

Robots Dance To “Thriller”

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Soooo very coool!Built by Aldebaran Robotics and programmed by MIT’s Patrick Bechon and Jean-Jacques Slotine. Via buzzfeed

My greatest flaw

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Well said Dr Doom :-) Via gusto1

Lonely People

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A lovely song by Tiny Little Houses. Video by David Dean Burkhart

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