ain’t nothing on

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LIFE from Pixelhunters on Vimeo.

A Short Movie by Pixelhunters
Life is a battle of choices and roads to be taken. We choose our own paths, we mark our own map. Once choices have been made, actions play out. Consequences are delivered. And in the end, we live with those consequences. But, the real struggle is making the choice to change how we take the roads untaken. Are we tough enough to decide for ourselves when the time comes?

word on the street

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By witchoria.

Wisdom in the Age of Information: Maria Popova (Future of StoryTelling 2014)

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Maria Popova: Wisdom in the Age of Information from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

by Maria Popova of brainpickings video by Drew Christie


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FILM FX_L3.0 (2014) from ISART DIGITAL on Vimeo.

The story of a little robot by ISART DIGITAL

what we are reading

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I forgot this great thought

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by stoikmike

Where Are They Now?

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Short story looking at the life of cartoon characters facing reality long after the prime of their heyday… Created by Steve Cutts! A big thanks to Audrey for bringing this to my attention

Design and Feeling

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the art of Chad Wys

Could I Be

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Sylvan Esso – Could I Be from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

from the very brilliant Sylvan Esso


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RUSH HOUR from Black Sheep Films on Vimeo.

Directed by Fernando Livschitz

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