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How do we measure the value of social media? from Helge Tennø

By referencing several of the current changes as social media we limit the perspective and reach of our ideas. We see these activities as satellites outside of core business, insignificant flirting with customers compared to the bigger commercial changes happening. Interesting thoughts from Helge Tennø

New Demand Patterns – How customers are changing the landscape of communication and business. from Helge Tennø

“Every century or so, fundamental changes in the nature of consumption create new demand patterns that existing enterprises can’t meet.” Interesting thoughts by Helge Tennø

Ignite us from Helge Tennø

Yet another informative presentation by Helge Tennø! This one poses the questions:What is marketing in 2013? How do you ignite your ambassadors and the makers of things?

We are in culture not sales

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When the mobile and the social web combine they create the basis for a completely new Internet… Yet another informative presentation by Helge Tennø

Yet another and very informative presentation by Helge Tennø