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Official trailer for the 2009 Seattle International Film Festival via the AdFreak

The Protagonist Suddenly Realizes What She Must Do In The Middle of Boringstown Nowhere…Adventures in Bicycling from Karen Abad ♥s Dinosaurs. on Vimeo.

This presentation is genial.

Over at the shiny squirrel there is an interview of the german artist Tilman Faelker, go check what inspires his work here

Over at Trendhunter there is great post on an number of  race-related issues! It seems that race even now in 2009  continues to be a hot topic of discussion.  The ad below depicts Senators Barack Obama  as white  and John McCain as an African American! It was aired during the US election season , while its tagline reads  “Let the issues be the issue”! If you find this controvercial you going to love  the rest! Check them out here

25 Controversial Looks at Race was originally published on The Curious Brain

Cool photo manipulation by Jaime Martinez via share some candy

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