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A very tangible and actionable list for digital marketing activities” – focusing on leveraging new consumer/media/digital trends

Ikea – Facebook Tag – (2009) 1:35 (Sweden)

Marketing innovation at its best read all about in

“Leading figures from digital and traditional agencies discuss the future shape of advertising.Adobe and D&AD held a debate for the creative industry at The Hospital in London recently. Here attendees discuss the possibility of a better payment model to recognise creative work”   via creative review tv Make sure you also watch the video below in which attendees discuss the relationships between clients and agencies and the future of creativity


“This is a short film (a fast paced preview of a larger effort) by MaYa design created to put some perspective on the invisible but fast approaching challenges and opportunities in the pervasive computing age” Read Dr. Peter Lucas’s white paper here

“A clip from the 2009 documentary “Objectified” which is all about industrial design. Here, we see the wonderfully creative genius of Jonathan Ive, as he talks about the Mac, and specifically the Unibody design of the MacBook/MacBook Air & MacBook Pro.”

Eichborn – Banners on flies (for real) – ambient, Germany

Yes people now we could use flies to advertise products… this is a giant step for the advertising industry! Pls note that “No flies were harmed during this stunt. But a lot of people laughed”, via

….and there goes the human race , only joking 🙂 This is an incredible human innovation over design and control! Petman is a robot created by Boston Dynamics that balances dynamically using a human-like walking motion. For more info click here

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