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This is how the future laptops will look in the future! “The device of the flexible display allows a new concept in notebook design growing out of the traditional bookformed laptop into unfurling and convolving portable computer”! The question that everyone is wondering is does it turn to a portable bazooka also? 😉

Star Wars Uncut – Scene 428 from Lucas Hardi on Vimeo.

Now you have the chance to recreate Star Wars how cool is that ?? Just click here and take part in the recreation of a legendary movie

This is just hilarious!The Dynasty legend gives advices ( or just insults) the less fortunate people ( fat, ugly,old & badly dressed) and tells them to Glamour up! Fantastically ridiculous

Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi along with Italian coffee company Lavazza have created a master piece of green design! “First you drink the coffee, then you eat the cup! Brilliant” via the packaging world

Although not a big fan of their latest work , U2’s live global webcast from the Rose Bowl deserves everyones attension! Live concert @ youtube this October 25th @ 8:30 p.m. (PT)

ANDREAS LUTZ – Because clicking is so 90s! from andreaslutz on Vimeo.

Introducing the first website with audio visual navigation! This is an amazing concept and even more amazing presentation, for more info click here! This will get you to an actual site that you can try this for yourself! The really catchy tune you hear is from Professor Kliq

The fun theory, this time applied in a bin! If you like this , then don’t forget to also check piannotrappan ! I simply love this, I love the fact that our behavior can change so dramatically with small ideas! We surely need more of these ideas to make our world a better place! Hopefully the fun theory is going to become a trend and others will also try to do it, or even copy it!

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