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Lethal drones with facial recognition, armed robots, autonomous fighter jets: we’re at the dawn of a new age of AI-powered warfare, says technologist Alexandr Wang. He explores why data will be the secret weapon in this uncharted landscape and emphasizes the need to consider national security when developing new tech — or potentially face all-out AI warfare.

The Timeless, Ancient Language of Art 

Using found materials and mesmerizing structures that unearth deep-rooted emotions, Wangechi Mutu’s visual creations explore and celebrate women’s role in our collective history. From ancient rock carvings in the Sahel to her own chimeric abstractions, she shares her journey of self-discovery and reminds us all that we already speak the most ancient language of all: art.

One of the paradoxes of trying to understand our minds is that, at particular moments, we need to acknowledge that what passes through them may have very little to do with the workings of these minds themselves but rather our bodies.

How do we define worth in society, and who gets status? Sociologist Michele Lamont studies these questions and investigates ways to broaden the circle of recognition and fight the harm of social stigmatization. She lays out the steps needed to make more inclusive societies — and it all starts by expanding our idea of who matters.

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